Who Would Win in a Fight, Batman or Iron Man?

I just got asked this, and most seem to say Tony would win, but considering Bruce’s knowledge of everyone’s weaknesses, I think Tony would have a slight disadvantage. 

However, not so slight that it would be a landslide in either way.

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    I think Iron Man would kick Batman’s ass. Batman doesn’t even have any superpowers he just has his Batmoblie and some...
  3. kageissatan answered: Batman would kick his fucking ass.
  4. dr-ribbit answered: UNIBEAM!
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  6. mokkiko answered: You say that as if Batman doesn’t have his own arsenal. Batman, hands down.
  7. patricin answered: Steve Rogers has disabled the Iron man armor on the final battle of Civil War. Batman can do it too.
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    I would have to go with Batman as well. He has taken on Ra’s (immortal), Bane (arguably stronger than “Hulk-Buster”...
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    While I am strongly in the “Iron Man” camp, it would be a hard fight. A lot of people seem fixated on this “prep time”...
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    So I am an Iron Man fan but 1. Iron Man gets his ass kicked a lot 2. Iron Man would lose to the Batman.
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    Well if bruce was able to hack into stark’s suit like the mandarin did in ultimate comics ironman…
  15. alexander-the-pumpkin answered: Iron Man nukes Batman. :I
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  17. icecreamrules123 answered: Bruce: im better of course….. ( deep breathe ) BECAUSE IM BATMAN!!!
  18. plushiemikey answered: Batman, it’s actually not that debatable.
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    Batman and Ironman would kick the stuffing out of the other, and I don’t know who would win, but what I DO know is that...
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    I would have to back Iron Man because Batman can’t/won’t use firearms. Yeah, Batman’s got a ton of sweet rides, but what...
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    Don’t you know the rules of superhero matchups? If there’s prep time, Batman wins. If there’s no prep time, Batman wins,...
  23. bitchdontcallmenoboots answered: Batman always wins.
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  25. wickedstorm answered: Though i do side with Iron man winning, i’d like to point out that Batman has suits of all types as well, and also has the large scale things
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    Here’s my problem with these “who would win” arguments - A good writer can make anybody beat anybody and have you...
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    ^extremely accurate. that’s my personal opinion… extremely unbiased opinion
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    Honestly? These two are very similar in a lot of ways. Tony is a genius, don’t discount how intelligent he can be on top...
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    HULK SMASH!!! /thread.
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    I’m on board with this one. And you know Bruce won’t rest until he’s evened the score and whipped Tony’s ass. Of course...
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    batman won vs superman when he was older, so my choice batman. tony is too cocky. They are in terms the most similar...